Protect Yourself – All Things Legal for Your Online Business with Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser

When it comes to growing an online business, it’s easy to focus on the fun stuff (I.e. branding, photoshoots, launching and community).

Yet today’s episode dives DEEP into one of the most critical pieces you must have in place in order to grow your business with solid, sustainable foundations: your legals.

Today, my guest is Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser Sarah is a lawyer and online business owner. After a few years at a law firm and career jumps along the way, she ended up falling in love with online business and the freedom (hello, travel!) that it provided. Sarah started a few businesses of her own, but through it all, everyone she knew was asking her for legal help and when she saw how much that information was needed – she created Destination Legal to support coaches and online entrepreneurs in getting to the point where they are protecting (and excited about) their thriving business.

Inside this episode, we discuss:

All about today’s guest, Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser, JD [3.40]
Foundations of running an online business, legally [6.00]
The number one thing you need legally — contracts [7.12]
Why you need a customized contract [12.00]
Why Terms of Purchase is different from a contract and why you need it if you’re running a group program [16.00]
The right time to trademark, and trademarking vs. copywriting [20.42]
How to avoid trademark spam and scams and Cait’s experience [28.00]
Things to know before you hire out [36.59]
When to incorporate and when to have an LLC [42.03]

“If you have a shaky foundation, at some point it’s going to fall.” [6.50]
“The number one thing you need to protect your business, are contracts.” [7.12]
“Copyright protection is automatic.” [31.15]
“You need to think of yourself as an actual company.”[40.55]

Links we mentioned:

Destination Legal Template Shop: https://cscudder.krtra.com/t/NptdX60mFgrK

*PS: I’m a proud affiliate of Sarah’s and use her documents & legal support myself!


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