New DIY Resources

 If you're an ambitious business owner and personal development junkie like I am, you will love these self-paced DIY resources I've built to help you exponentially grow your business and yourself, without breaking the bank.

On this page, it's Christmas everyday. Here's where you can access my top tier DIY trainings, courses, and bundles to help you grow your bank account, your business and yourself. Get your hair up in a messy bun and start diving in right meow!

These are a few of my favorite things

The Sales Queen Bundle 

Learn everything you need to know about selling your high ticket packages, services, and offers with ease as an online coach, consultant, or done for you service provider. Includes lifetime access to my exclusive 7 video, 7 workbook course. If you want to learn how to sell like a queen, this is your course.

Boss U Masterclass

My 12-module self-paced Business Building Course designed to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to start and grow your business from passion to profit in 90 days. This course is your deep dive masterplan for growing and scaling your very own online business. Boss U is where you learn to turn your ideas, gifts, and unique genius into a best selling brand and profitable reality.

Rise Mindset Mastery Audio Training Bundle

Whether you prefer journaling, dancing, or affirmations to keep your vibe high, your mindset strong, and your motivation lit, this audio training bundle, including a 60 minute mindset training album, two digital journals and inspiring wallpaper affirmations, has it all.

If it turns out you want more hands-on support, learn more about how I can support you 1-1 here!

And in case you've been scratching your head, wondering about the systems, software and tools my team and I use to run Cait Scudder International, here are my not-so-secret secrets.


Wish scheduling felt easy? I know what it feels like to have clients in a jillion time zones - thankfully, I use Acuity to streamline my schedule and own my time like a boss. Psst - you can, too!

Funnels, Products & Courses

Need a one-stop shop for creating landing pages, check-out forms, digital courses, and smooth as buttah funnels that make your client journey a breeze? ClickFunnels has it all.

Email Marketing 

My go-to email marketing tool that gets your emails opened by the people who need you (and gets them opening your wallet to buy what you have to sell!)

Feel your heartbeat thumping in your chest?